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Dear MIC Trumpet Families,

Over the past ten years we have been developing a very unique program at MIC and at public schools in Evanston, Chicago, and New Jersey. Brass for Beginners™ (BFB) is poised to open its online store in the next two weeks, just before our presentation at the 2014 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic at McCormick Place. The first volume of the BFB method book, instruments, and related merchandise will finally be available for purchase.

This program was made possible by the generous support of the Music Institute of Chicago and the enthusiasm of countless private students and BFB residency students over the past several years. BFB has generated international enthusiasm and promises to set a new standard in applied music instruction. I want to personally thank all of you for your support and patience, and I look forward to enjoying the future of Brass for Beginners™ with you!

LOTS of fun blog posts to follow!


Chris Hasselbring

BFB StudentCopyCover

“The First Trumpeter”


paleoman_coprightedMeet Ragnar, possibly the first trumpeter in the history of the world. He lived about 15,000 years ago in the caves of Southwest France. Ragnar was admired and feared by others because he knew how to make loud sounds by vibrating his lips into a bison horn – a terrifying noise that could frighten away dangerous predators and enemies.  When hunting animals, Ragnar blew his horn to force them into a trap where other hunters would be waiting to kill them. At night in the cave, Ragnar played his bison horn for family and friends to make musical sounds, to make people dance, and/or to imitate the sounds of animals or human voices.

Sounds of the Bison Horn
At important events such as the birth of a baby, the death of a family member, or when a child became an adult, Ragnar made strange sounds by blowing his bison horn…

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