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Brian Shaw

One of the greatest pleasures of being a musician is the inspiration that comes from performing with gifted musicians. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform with Brian Shaw for concerts in November, including Schutz’ Christmas Story with Rockefeller Chapel Choir at the University of Chicago, and for Messiah Performances with Bella Voce at St. Clements in Chicago and St. Luke’s in Evanston. These concerts were performed by period orchestras, using authentic replica’s of historical instruments. In our case, we played on natural trumpets, and Brian was brought to play the solo parts for both concerts. Brian is the Associate Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies at Louisiana State University and is known to be equally accomplished as a classical, jazz, and baroque trumpet soloist. Brian happened to be with me at MIC when Jack Fay was having a lesson, and offered to spend a little time working with him (see below). He is very enthusiastic about what we are doing with natural trumpets, both in ensembles and with the Brass for Beginners™ program, and I am hopeful that he will come back to collaborate with us at MIC in the near future. Brian has recorded a solo CD of Virtuosic Baroque Concertos that I HIGHLY recommend. You can find it here. I sincerely hope you will have the opportunity to hear Brian play – a truly fantastic musician!



MIC Brass Quartet

Enjoy members of the new MIC Brass Quartet* playing German Waltz. All 4 students are in 5th grade at Dawes and Walker Elementary Schools in Evanston.

*Jack Fay and Alisa Kondratyev, trumpets; Will Donovan, horn; Yumiko Hasselbring, trombone

Interval Studies with Gabriel

Gabriel started with the Brass for Beginners method three years ago in private lessons and then moved to the valve trumpet. He has recently returned to the natural trumpet and is shown here playing interval studies by Dauverne as they appear in Edward Tarr’s The Art of Baroque Trumpet Playing. It is much harder than it looks! Gabriel must be able to hear the pitches in his mind very clearly while the instructor plays different pitches, and to make it sound good, he must be able to fine-tune the pitch depending on the interval in question. Nice playing Gabriel!

BFB Teaching Assistant Sasha Boutilier

This is high school senior, Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) student, Sasha Boutilier playing a modern replica of a natural trumpet. Sasha started playing trumpet in 3rd grade and has been playing natural trumpet for seven years. The music is From Fanfare #2 by Johan Dismas Zelinka (1679-1745). Sasha currently plays first trumpet in the MIC Advanced Trumpet Ensemble and has been helping as an assistant instructor for Brass for Beginners residencies over the past several years (see photo below of Sasha with Lincoln Elementary BFB students in Evanston). Thanks Sasha!