Back to Blogging! Sawyer and Katy Rose

I want to first offer my apology to those who offered information on the musical activities from the past academic year. I am finally able to start working again on the MICTpts blog site and have lots of great news to share from our alumni and current students. Starting with:

Last academic year I received news that both Sawyer Lindland and Katy Rose O’Brien were performing leading roles in ensembles at their colleges. I wonder what they are doing this year?!

Enjoy pictures of Katy Rose (click here to see her MIC graduation post) with the Amherst College Symphony Orchestra performing Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony, and Sawyer Lindland (click here to see Sawyer’s MIC graduation post) performing Principal Trumpet with the Beloit Wind Ensemble:

photo 2

photo 1


photo 3photo 4photo 5

Congrats Katy Rose and Sawyer!! Please stay in touch…

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