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My apologies for not keeping current with the MIC Trumpets Blog! It has been a very challenging but rewarding year, and it is time to start sharing news again about the MIC trumpet studio. I discovered when I came back to the site that a very important blog was never posted…SORRY Charlie and John!!!

Charlie Clarke studied at MIC for several years and played as a member of the advanced MIC trumpet ensembles. An excellent musician, always supportive of his fellow students, Charlie always rose to the occasion and made fantastic music. Below are a few pictures and information that Charlie provided about his interests and plans when he graduated last Spring. Hope College is going great for you Charlie!

Charlie started playing trumpet in 5th grade and started at MIC in 8th grade. Charlie went to New Trier High school, where he played jazz piano in Jazz Ensemble 1. Charlie also plays blues, classical, and rock piano along with jazz trumpet. Charlie has enjoyed excelling at both instruments throughout high school and plans to take his talents to University of Missouri. Although he doesn’t plan on majoring in music, he plans on playing piano and trumpet in the jazz program and trumpet in their football marching band.

Along with playing music, Charlie is also very involved in sports journalism. He just finished his senior project with WGN Radio, where he wrote game recaps for the Cubs/White Sox and went into the Tribune Tower each day to work with WGN. On top of that, Charlie wrote for CSL Insider and his school newspaper. He also hosted a show on his school’s radio station and plans on working with ESPN Radio in Columbia next year. Over the summer, he’s covering Northwestern football/basketball with 247 sports, writing for baseball prospectus, and Ushering at Ravinia. 


Charlie with MIC Trumpet Ensemble (second from left)


Charlie at Wrigley Field

John Kinne began studying trumpet in a group class at Baker Demonstration School in 4th grade and then began private study at MIC where he quickly advanced, eventually joining the advanced ensemble where he performed for numerous concerts at MIC, the Chicago Brass Festival, among others. John performed for a masterclass with Boston University Professor of Trumpet Terry Everson (pictured below) and earned a music scholarship to attend Cornell College in Iowa. Without a doubt,  John’s exceptional musical talents have graced the groups that he plays with in college. Enjoy some photos from the past… hope it is going great John!!


John (right) with Terry Everson (left) and fellow students


John with MIC Trumpet Ensemble (second from left)

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